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My independent game projects.

Are all first loves this bittersweet?

Quiet, shy and anxious, confessing to your crush takes every ounce of your courage. And when it all goes wrong, the last space left that is safe is the roof.

But when a kind hand offers a carton of lemonade, how will your paths collide?


  • A compact and emotional high school story

  • 1,500 words and 2 possible endings

  • Original story and art

  • Made in one week for O2A2 2021


Gallery coming soon!

Allie’s time is up. It’s moving day, and soon she will be soaring across the sky, headed back to her home country. After three years in the town of her dreams, it’s time to say goodbye to the life she has lived in Popo.

This is the story of one young woman's bittersweet rummage through her belongings and her memories, as she prepares to pack up her old life into boxes and vacate her apartment. Trapped between her reasons for staying and leaving, Allie spends her final hours in Popo wrestling with her past, present, and hopes for an uncertain future.

Farewell, Popo is a highly autobiographical tale of love, loss and mental illness.

Planned Features

  • Interact with Allie's environment using point-and-click style navigation: explore every room, examine every object and rifle through every memory - or simply while away the day on the apartment's sea-facing balcony

  • One day, several endings: your choices determine Allie's emotions and outlook on her past and future

  • Every aspect of the game is brought to life with beautiful digital illustrations in a lo-fi style

  • Loving nods to Japanese culture, way too many rabbit plushies and an indie band with a silly name


Gallery coming soon!


Collaborative projects with other developers.


Developer: Crystal Game Works

Role: Writer

Varsha is a young witch who just graduated high school. While their friends are off traveling the world, Varsha has to go back to their hometown of Lynnsdale to take care of their grandmother, who runs a small magic store. There are two major issues though: one, magic is strictly banned and two, their grandmother's store is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Play as Varsha as you try to revive your grandparent's store, avoid scrutiny by the authorities, and find love—all in one summer.


  • Pick from 2 main character designs as well as your pronouns

  • Spend time with 2 love interests

  • Over 25,000 words

  • An art gallery with CGs and guest artwork


Other Collaborations

Other projects I've worked on in editorial roles.




Anise Flowers is a supernatural tale of love and friendship between a human and a fallen angel.


With six possible endings, your choices may lead to a fairy tale romance, a lifelong friendship—or, if you're unlucky, death.


Soul Labyrinth (Otome jAM 2021)

Developer: Coffee Drip Studios

Explore the enigmatic soul labyrinth, solve puzzles and manage party member resources in this hybrid fantasy adventure visual novel.


Become stronger through friendship or romance bonds as your weaver faces the trials of ascension with their chosen vassal.


Deliver Us from Evil (DUFE)

(Otome jAM 2021)

Developer: Galen Games

Mankind has wished since the dawn of time, but when those pleas turn dark, Heaven decides to answer. Tasked by the Archangel Michael to investigate, will our young angel Ariel follow her mission? Or will she stray from the light?